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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 31, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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good evening, i'm larry beil we begin with what is a growing crime problem. thieves stealing cellphones from bart passengers.
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it's prompted police to ask for the public's help because there may be more victims out there. lyanne melendez has the story. >> reporter: bart police say the two young men aged 14 and 17 walked down the aisles looking for anyone with an electronic device when the train approached the stop they snatched the phone. >> the victim, they used pepper spray and managed to escape. an officer says there have been similar complaints made by other victims. >> it appears they would pepper spray people in order to intimidated them or to help them get away faster. >> the two young men have been arrested, bart police believe there are more victims and wanted people to come forward. investigators are sure the same type of crime occurred on trains in balboa, glenn park, 16th and
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24th street stations. it is a relatively new type of theft which is growing. in 2010 there were 107 reported cases of stolen devices on bart trains. 124 in 2011 and 55 so far this year. this bart passenger says he hides his smart phone. >> you shouldn't have it exposed because not your cellphone is being stolen even the ipad. >> they are still focused on their devices, they don't pay attention to those around them who may be looking to steal them. >> growing up in the city you let them have it. you want to be safe. as long as you are safe that is fine. materialistic things that shouldn't be that important. >> if you have more information that would help police, visit our website at and click on see it on tv. if you have an iphone or
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other apple products, one local police department is reminding everybody, you can download an app and help you locate your stolen item on a map and police can help you track it down. we have a link on our website at that app can also remotely lock your device and protect your information. >> the police officer who pepper displayed student protestors at u.c. davis is no longer employed by the university. the lieutenant has been on paid leave of absence sings that ugly confrontation last november. he was blasted with criticism. his departure comes while an investigation continues the university would only say that he no longer works there. >> a professor at u.c. irvine is accused of plotting to murder students at his son's former high school. >> authorities said 48-year-old
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man set five fires at university high schools and as well as the home of an administrator. it happened after his 14-year-old son was disciplined at school and later committed suicide. he was first arrested when officers say they saw him trying to asset fire. they discovered a far reaching plotted on e-mails on his computer. >> in those e-mails he is accused of laying out detailed plans for purchasing guns, committing acts of murder against school, students and administrators. burning down the school building and killing himself. police arrested him that very night. >> the oakland's mayor is defending the police department insisting the federal government will not take it over, despite a scathing report. the report cites failures within the department ranging from an up tick in shootings to a racist
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posting on the bulletin board. it should be very narrow. >> the mayor wanted the talk about the progress they have made since she has been mayor but a new report has shifted the narrative. >> every institution has some bad people. i think that the police have made some tremendous progress. >> document came as the department's efforts to make changes created criticized the ways they dealt with officer-involved shooting. a disturbing discovery, defaced pictures. they believe to be a district judge and the other of a mayor quan. the message is described as racist and inappropriate. >> it's sort of like racism. you can change lawsuit but you still have to change people's hearts and have to change their culture. >> scrutiny the department is under stems from a 2003
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misconduct settlement in four police officers. the payment was $01 million and an overhaul of the department. nine years later, critics say several key changes have yet to be made. >> our only conclusion it's oakland whd who is the problem d not crime and other factors which frankly other departments have dealt with. >> he and others are demanding that more be done faster. but a federal takeover officials warn may have unintended consequences. >> the choices could potentially change and they would have no control policing in their city. >> a motion to be filed by the plaintiffs attorney asking the power be taken from the oakland police department and placed into hands to those that could make changes happen. >> pay cuts are coming in contra costa county. board of supervisors voted to
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impose a labor contract that calls for a 5 percent cut in wages. this is the first time they have imposed a contract on any of its labor unions. prosecutors say they might strike. >> we have an update on the story we first brought you last week. driver that slammed into a east palo alto house, narrowly missed a sleeping baby, he has turned himself into authorities. he ran away after running into the that house because he was just scared. police have not released his name. san mateo district attorney will decide what charges that driver will face. >> now to india and one of biggest blackouts ever, over 600 million people without power for a second day today. a massive power grid failure in the country knocked out electricity in 20 states in the northern region. officials are hoping to turn all the lights on back by tomorrow. >> reporter: it's one of the
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world's biggest blackouts ever, 600 million people without power after three regional grid collapses. no street lights mean widespread traffic jams. a smaller power failure has raised serious concerns about the outdated infrastructure. >> traffic came to a standstill. its systemic failure. >> the power deficit is worsened by high temperatures further increasing electricity usage as people try to cool off. hundreds of trains stalled around the country. india's demand for electricity has soared in recent years. >> the country's power minister suspect the latest klaps is because they have taken more than their share of electricity.
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>> the fact is, any connection to the grid remains a luxury for people in indian. one-third still don't have electricity to power a light bulb. a bay area social media company slapped with a lawsuit. accusations of insider trading. big money at stake in silicon valley, apple accuses a rival of illegally copying some of the most popular products. >> heat goes on in our inland areas. i'll show how hot it will be tomorrow in my accu-weather forecast. >> and direct hit. a gaping hole in the front of a plane while ititititititititit
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armies have lawyers have launched a battle how smart phones function in the future. apple is suing samsung for copying but samsung has mounted a counter offense. david louie has more. >> this trial focuses on features whether an iphone or
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android model. a bounce back feature that lets you know you have reached the edge of a document. they say samsung copied the idea the are fighting over this click zoom feature that lets you tap twice to zoom in. who had it first? apple claims samsung has made 23 million smarts phones and tablets that infringe making over $2 billion in profits. whichever side wins, tech analyst thinks the vertical companies to imitate their competitor's features. >> one company preventing copying the other may force innovation and may create choices as opposed to a stagnant industry. >> we calling it an iphone. >> when steve jobs introduced the iphone five years ago he posted the features. apple says it will focus on
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about six of them to prove its case against samsung. samsung is boasting it's an innovator. they put 20,000 engineers and 1,000 designers to work. what is unusual about the case that apple and samsung depend on each other. samsung makes key components for the iphone and processor for the ipad and the retina display for the ipad. law professor says patent law is complex but the case will be decided by other factors. >> which side can convince the jury they are in the right and the other side is in the wrong? it's going to be more after battle story telling and emotion than it will be a battle of specific patents, specific claims, specific technology. more business news, san francisco based online company zynga is accused of misleading
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stock holders. they say they did not reveal until last week the games had been declining in popularity or delays in developing new games. they accuse them of cashing in zynga stock. they declined to comment on the suit. it's shares have fallen 40% since last week. facebook fell another 6% today. it hasn't been trading all that long but they hit an all-time low. shares closed down 1.44 and $21.71. that is whopping 43% below the ipo price of $38 a share. >> meantime, ubs they will take legal action against nasdaq to recue money they lost in the facebook ipo. suspect bank accuses them of gross mishandling.
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they had to enter prices for facebook stock multiple times and it let us with a surplus of the stock. >> microsoft is giving it's e-mail service kind of a makeover and a new name. hot mail. it's bean rebranded as outlook. same that microsoft uses for office e-mail service. they say it's time to freshen up. it will have a sharp new look and link to social networks and new features. microsoft launched it in 1996 as of june, it was still one of the world's most used e-mail services. remember the days of the dial up and aol and only way to get online. >> i like that name, hot mail. >> maybe after hearing your thoughts they may change. [ laughter ] >> i've got the weather outlook.
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>> perfect. >> let's take a look outside, a live view from mount tam camera looking down into the bay, reflection of moonlight. lovely evening around the bay area. a little coastal low cloudiness. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. gives you an idea how klees clear things. we have low cloudiness near the coast and few trailing high clouds that have been pushing in towards marin county. we've got clear skies over the entire region but we had a hot day, in the upper 90s. mid to upper 90s fairfield, concord and livermore. heat goes on. we'll have more of this weather coming our way tomorrow. 82 in antioch. 73 in san rafael. santa rosa, 61. 56, san francisco. highlights, areas of fog near the coast. hot inland the next two days and
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then we'll start cooling down for the weekend. overnight tonight, look for little patches of coastal fog, couple patches working out over the bay, mid to upper 50s, quite mild tonight. we started our animation, fog hanging around the area and burn back from the coast. away from the coast. milder at the coast. warm around the bay and hot inland. hour hot? let's check out the south bay it will be warm but not hot. mid to upper 80s. on the peninsula, 76 at san mateo. low 60s at the coast. downtown san francisco high of 67 tomorrow. 63 in the sunset district. up in not earth bay, warmth and low heat. upper 80s. 87 in santa rosa. 92 in calistoga. 96 at cloverdale. near east bay, look for highs in
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the 80s. 77 in union city but inland east bay will sizzle once again with mid to upper 90s. 92 in concord. 94 in livermore. 97 in brentwood. upper 80s to near 90 in other locations. >> seven-day forecast, inland heat persists through thursday and eases up a little bit on friday. over the weekend. temperatures drop to the mid 80s in the inland locations and mid 70s and the bay. low 60s around the coast and we'll stay in the comfort zone before we start heating up mid-week next week. >> next couple smoking id. >> more weaerthto talk about. this twister, one of few to hit this month. it set a record but can't beat the one set in california. we're back in a moment.
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we have developing news, fighter jets were scrambled after an item was found in an empty seat aboard a flight from heeding to newark to geneva. it was diverted to boston. the suspicious item turned out to be a camera. meanwhile, close call for another jet that was flying into denver. a bird collided with a flight and punctured the fuselage and made a gaping hole near the nose. bird strikes are a growing threat. >> it could have been catastrophic, a feathery midair collision. 157 passengers on approach to
9:24 pm
denver airport when it collided to be a large bird. it tore a giant hole in the nose. there were no injuries but the pilot declared an emergency. in april another bird strike was captured on camera. a passenger on a flight from new york to los angeles saw a flock of birds fly right into an engine. who could forget when sully sullenberger's flight was brought down. >> it's always dangerous, in this case the crews have been trained to handle the aircraft has redundant systems that can take care of the problems that were caused by bird strike. >> it costs the industry $600 million in damage every year. that is why at denver international airport, kenra uses charges to scare birds away. >> it's called a banger, it
9:25 pm
makes a loud bang to get their wings flapping and get them off the airfield faster and keep them out of harm's way. >> officials say they know this plane was hit by a large species bird but not sure what type. they have collected tissue samples and send it to washington, d.c. where experts should be able to make a positive identification. wouldn't take a bird to do that kind of damage, but clearly it's possible. in spain, second highest twister ever recorded in colorado. it was 11,900 feet. now take a look at it. tornadoes are not often seen in mountains. in part because there is nobody there to observe them typically. this twister one of only 24 tornadoes reported throughout the u.s. in july. that fewest of the month but on saturday, a storm spotter got a
9:26 pm
camera. they determined that system had made landfall at under 12,000 feet. it puts it hundred feet behind the number one record holder that sit tulare county, california in 2004. tax talk, the decision now facing san francisco voters. city leaders line up behind a major overhaul that won't tax new jobs. >> the check is in the mail. the money coming to you. >> the california republican party awash in red ink. and mitt romney back home after a
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breaking news. writer gore vidal has died. he was screen writer and political activist. he wrote 25 novels and died today at 86. >> overspending could cost the republican party in this election year. state and federal finance reports the party is about $450 million in debt. capital correspondent nannette miranda looks at where the party goes from here. >> after criticizing democrats for years about overspending the california republican party finds itself in terrible financial shape two three months before the election. layoffs at party headquarters and inability to fund candidates illustrate what federal and state campaign finance records are expected to show that the
9:31 pm
state g.o.p. is in debt by close to half a million dollars. >> we managed as well as we could. >> critics are outraged what some call a financial meltdown. that is top of dwindling voter registration and pour outreach efforts to lure latinos. they also spent money for senate lines. party leaders say they have made progress in raising $4.35 million debt from five years ago and super pacs can help them financially. >> because of the fiscal responsibility we have been showing we're going to end up in a position where we're going to reduce our debt down to zero and move forward into 2013 with surprising number of successes. i think it's trouble some we don't have a republican party that is viable. >> he works for arnold schwarzenegger who tried to get the party to move to the center
9:32 pm
but had a more conservative agenda. >> governor swarzenegger says they were losing at the box office and they didn't take his advice. that is what happened. >> with stronger leadership they can turn things around especially with democrats in the middle of their own scandal involving the parks department quoting millions of dollars. >> there are pieces to make it a viable party. but they need to focus on fiscal issues. >> the g.o.p. party it's been tough raising money because it is a presidential election year. >> now to our coverage of the race for president. mitt romney has returned to the united states after his big trip overseas. candidate had hoped this trip would show he is ready for a diplomatic stage but an outburst stole the spotlight. here is more from poland.
9:33 pm
>> in the final hours, mitt romney visited the tomb of the unknown soldier in warsaw. there was also this today. >> he didn't answer but an angry spokesman said one reporter to shove it. >> yet another unwelcome headline after he upset the brits over the olympics, palestinians suggesting that anglo-saxon culture is superior. there is one press conference in the foreign tour in which he took three questions. then candidate obama on his foreign tour four press conferences, 25 questions. romney campaign they did offer high profile one on which we asked about the negative
9:34 pm
headlines starting when he said he wasn't sure if the london games would go well. >> would you answer it the same way? >> i tend to tell people what i actually believe. referring to the comments that were made in the media is something which i felt was honest reflection of what was being, concerning folks. >> tonight a senior advisor that is exactly you want from a president. he now heads back to the u.s. eager to turn the page. mitt romney is back in boston and his wife is back in london to wap her prize horse compete in the olympics and choice of a running mate, mitt romney is not likely to do that without ann back in the united states. he won't be back august 9th or 10th in the next chapter of the presidential race. back in the bay, two more san francisco medical marijuana dispensaries closed down because
9:35 pm
of pressure from the federal government. vapor room and another shop received letters from the u.s. attorney the property seizures and prison sentences if the pot clubs do not shut down. >> san francisco voters will vote for president and local officials, but also to decide to reform the tax businesses. carolyn tyler has the story. >> steven owns a hardware store that has been operating in san francisco for more than a century. he supports the proposal to do away with the payroll taxes. >> is it really a job killer? >> it can be. you have a second thought before you hire somebody because it's just one more piece of money you have to pay out. >> right now the city levy advice a payroll tax of 1.5% on businesses with $250,000 in pay
9:36 pm
local expenses. 10% of businesses located in the city currently pay that. >> the gross receipt system would tax business revenues. with the rate varying according to the industry and size of the company. it's estimated 20% of the city's businesses would be affected. those earning less than a million in gross receipts would be exempt. >> a coalition of city and business leaders is pushing the proposed change calling it more broad-based and equitable. the mayor says it's a game changer. >> but we'll tax more fairly and people's success, much more willing to share in that. >> but the owner of his gas station says his taxes will triple and car dealerships will see their taxes soar. an industry spokesman says the city has agreed to some last
9:37 pm
minute tweaks in new business license fees that have made the proposed tax changes more palatable. >> the business registration fee was rumored to be as high as a $100,000 with businesses with $100 million in gross receipts. our coalition was able to keep retailers at $20,000. that was quite a change in our favor. >> now those new business fees are expected to generate $28.5 million a year. they say overall it will create more than 1700 jobs each year and they are calling it the san francisco jobs initiative as they now settle about to sell this to the voters. just ahead, 7 on your side's michael finney will explain how obamacare could save you money. obamacare could save you money. and big wow,
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a lot of people healthcare reform referred to as obamacare will be too costly. but one overlooked provision of the healthcare overhaul could put money in your pocket. michael finney explains how you get the money that is coming to you. >> healthcare is expensive. they hope to keep costs down but to require health insurers to spend 80% of the money they take in on direct medical care and efforts to improve the quality of care. insurers selling itself larges groups must spend 85%. if they spend less than that they must rebate consumers. >> 13 million americans are being receiving notifications
9:42 pm
about these rebates. $1.1 billion is going to be sent back. >> terry is with a company and she says insurance companies have tomorrow to mail you a letter like this one explaining the rule and how they did. >> you don't have to do anything. that is the good thing here. basically you have to wait for that notification, all of these rebates are due by august 1st. >> some companies think they have found away around the law, but there isn't one. >> the key is if you don't hear something, then i would definitely be contacting your insurance provider or talking to your employer to find out, did they receive something and what are they going to be doing with those funds. >> even if you don't have a refund coming, insurance company must inform of that you, too. we're talking about a few dollars, for me it's $15 but that is money i would rather have for myself then to give to
9:43 pm
an insurance company. learl reform to practice medicine, a cutting edge center for ininfant care in the bay area has passed a major milestone. more than 200 infants have been treated with the technique to head of brain damage and other debilitating conditions. carolyn johnson with the story. >> reporter: watching nolan play in the yard you would never imagine the wild swings that marked the first few days of his life. when we first met him he was still recovering from a life saving treatment at ucsf a cutting edge therapy that begin after hours after a dramatic delivery that cut off oxygen to his brain. >> he has lost a lot of oxygen. we need to take him to san francisco. >> nolan was one of the first infants treated at the neuro
9:44 pm
intense cive care nursery. they use an incubator to induce hypothermia. >> cooling the body temperature down which is protective to the brain that has suffered a lack of oxygen. >> the doctor says the technique has been so successful in protecting infants from brain damage that his team invested in technology to make the overall treatment process even more effective. >> it's different than anywhere else in the world because we bring the pediatric neurologists and we have continuous monitoring of the brain at every stage. >> they can detect if an infant whether they are having a seizure. >> in a lab or at home overnight on a personal computer. >> a few feet away this newborn is being monitored by a second new device that looks at the
9:45 pm
brain in a different way. >> what this allows us to do is understand how well his brain is either getting ex john delivered to it or how well is brain is using oxygen. >> in a lab, a doctor is experimenting with growth factor that raises the red blood cell count in infants. >> we're combining with hypothermia can provide more long term protection. >> we're entering an exciting age of helping necessity oh nates. >> to let them grow in healthy children. >> he is the most sparkly kid. he is just sparkly. >> still coming up tonight. pajamas and tuxedos. new odd call at steinhart aquarium.
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penguins at academy of sciences got new roommates. six sharks were released today. they are taking up residents for the colony of penguins. not worry they say, the two species have long cohabitated in the wild along the south african coast. >> we don't anticipate there will be any problems with them. they should get along very nicely. it will be more comprehensive look at the environment in south africa. >> biologists spent the last several months working with the sharks to prepare them for the
9:50 pm
new home and behave. spencer christian, definitely more shark i would say than penguin here with the forecast. >> we normally don't see the sharks and penguins in the off-season. [ laughter ] >> high definition east bay camera looking westward, see a little fog, it didn't make it far across the bay. as far as my joke did. highs above 100 in several locations including yosemite. high temperatures in the mid to upper 90s and another sizzling day and warm around the bay under a mild around the coast. two more hot days, temperatures will bottom out over the weekend. we'll see temperatures back in the 80s over the weekend. mid-70s around the bay. low 60s on the coast. >> usually i do the sports jokes around here.
9:51 pm
mike is here and big deal. >> back on the diamond and a's must be nice, cheering on team usa from the shallow end.
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coming up tonight at 11:00, abc7 and california watch uncover taser gun assaults on severely disabled patients at sonoma developmental center. plus, why we sneeze, researchers discover what actually happens just before you hear -- kasuntite. why we trade and if you are giants mike shumann it's because they need help. >> trading for hunter pence and probably be in the giants uniform tomorrow. here is number 8 waiting for him in the locker.
9:55 pm
g-men and early one, a justin turner a shot over the head of melky cabrera and bases loaded. randy crawford, double play ball should end the inning but marco scutaro will score. here is brandon belt and 2-1 giants. bases loaded again. he grounds one but mets in the seventh, 2-2 count with david wright. she freezes him with a curveball. giants go on to win it 4-1 the final. >> hunter pence not the philly outfielder that traded, flying hawaiian to the dodgers. they are trying to shore up their bullpen. they acquired brandon lee last year. >> after last night the l a's and rays are back at the
9:56 pm
coliseum and a's have the best record in baseball in july. tommy lamone with a rough outing of the year. a single and one scores tampa bay and it's just beginning. sean rodriguez, scores one and gives up five runs. starting behind the plate and rays have a couple solo bases in the seventh. end up scoring and routine grounder to brandon hicks. rays shut out the a's tonight, 8-0 the final. let's switch gears, day two of training camp in napa for the raiders. like any other n.f.l. team, quarterback position is the key. palmer is the man for silver and black. ' unlike last season he has full
9:57 pm
season under his belt. palmer along with line ert will and he has weapons, mcfadden is back after missing ten games last season and raiders have a talented group of young receivers. carson is very optimistic about the 2012 season. >> with the way last year ended, a ton of reasons, there are not ton of reasons we're excited. we have a lot of guys that are hungry that want to make their mark in this league. >> 49er took their first day 60 and we talked about new found speed past few days and entire defense is back in the fold. would with all that talk about offense. vernon davis is one of alex smith's favorite targets. they are looking forward to the
9:58 pm
niners new arsenal. >> randy moss, jenkins, you can't forget brandon jacobs, the more help we can get the better. i'm all about it. i'm extremely happy we brought those guys in. i know that they will help us. >> i'm ready for some football. warriors solidified their bench, signing green and brandon rush to a two-year deal worth $8 million. he shot 45% from 3-point region and warriors first off the bench and also signed carl landry. two years and $8 million he will back up david lee and nate robinson hat left for chicago to back up derek rose. spoiler alert.
9:59 pm
if you don't want to know, turn away. michael phelps took a few medals home. >> the fan was doing a dance called the person any. >> i thought he got it from you. >> i would do it but i know you would post it on u youtube so i'm not doing it. a reminder. >> very close to getting online there. you can switch back to abc7 as soon as the coverage for a special midnight edition of abc7 seven minutes and we'll recap everything. that is a wrap. we'll see you one hour on "abc 7 news" channel 7.


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